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Shanghai Interactive Festival of Theatre in Jiading (SHIFT)
The Festival’s main aim is to promote artistic and technological innovation in the performing arts, and place Shanghai on the map, as a global force for scientific and technological innovation. The Jiading District is one of the prominent incubating districts in the field. The Jiading District Government and Shanghai Jiading District Administration of Culture Radio Film & TV (SJDA of CRFTV), team up with Shanghai Live Dream Culture Development Ltd. Co. to co-host the first Shanghai Interactive Festival of Theatre (SHIFT), which is a part of the 18th China Shanghai International Arts Festival (CSIAF), known as the Festival in Festival Project, supported by SJDA of CRFTV.
The SHIFT 2016 took place between the October the 16th to the 30th, centered in the Jiading District with extensions in Shanghai. SHIFT focuses on four aspects: Innovation, interaction, technology and culture. The theme of the first edition was “Meet the future, meet TA (Robots)”, highlighting artificial intelligence and robots in performing arts. The festival showcased artists and performing groups from Germany, Canada, United States, Hungary and China to present three international productions, two original interactive/immersive theatre pieces by Chinese artists, two forums, seven arts and technology incubation workshops, in addition to organizing ten public cultural arts and technology events. The performances ranged from an electronic music concert with drones, to live camera theatre, as well as interactive concerts with musical robots, multimedia, interactive shows and more.
The upcoming events in SHIFT 2017
We are now programming the 2nd and 3rd SHIFT in the second half of October in 2017 and 2018, with a proposal of shows originating from US, Denmark, UK, Russia, and Australia. Meanwhile, we are preparing to organize a pilot Arts & Technology Hackthon during the festival, which will lead to a series of Hackathon and experimental projects incubated in our planned 4 leveled 16,000 square meters SHIFT Building of Arts, Technology and Cross-over Incubation Center that locates at the historic area of Jiading.
Showcases as the ChinaSPAF of CSIAF
Most of the performances of SHIFT are also listed as the showcases ChinaSPAF, the international booking conference and showcase of China Shanghai International Arts Festival.
ChinaSPAF 2016 has attracted about 800 delegates from 46 countries and regions joining in, including directors from about 70 different international arts festivals and many festival and venue presenters from all over China. 45 live showcases of both Chinese and international programs, both in traditional and contemporary style, including new works by some most creative artists and ensembles in China had been presented.
ChinaSPAF 2016 Key Presenter Delegates (partial list):
US: The Kennedy Center, Association of Performing Arts Presenters, Asia Society, Mid-Atlantic Arts Foundation, Arts Midwest, Western Arts Alliance, Center for the Performing Arts of Penn State University, etc.
Canada: CINARS, Cirque du Soleil Casting, Luminato Festival, etc.
Australia: Adelaide Festival, Australia Council for Arts, Brisbane Powerhouse, etc.
Europe: European Festivals Association (EFA), Southbank Centre, Sadler’s Wells London, etc.
China: National Center for the Performing Arts of China, Shanghai Grand Theatre, Poly Theatre Chains (40 theatres), Beijing Tianqiao Performing Arts Center, Guangzhou Opera House, etc.
Performances and Events of SHIFT 2016
Opening Ceremony
Trans-Electro performance MURMURATION
by artists from Germany, Hungary and China, Asia Premiere
Time: Oct.21, Evening, Fri. 2016
Venue: Shanghai Auto-Expo Park
The German media artist and artistic director of phase7 performing.arts Sven Sören Beyer is creating a spectacular light choreography with 35 drones in the night sky of Shanghai in cooperation with CollMoT Robotics from Hungary. Murmuration stands for a natural phenomenon in which for example starlings are flying in constantly changing swarm clouds. The drifting yet directed flight formation protects the birds from predators and, through its apparently unpredictable shifts, creates ever new and seemingly weightless patterns. phase7 took the intricate rules of swarming behavior as an inspiration for MURMURATION. What happens when an individual doesn’t follow the predetermined rules? In collaboration with CollMot the artists integrate the quadrocopters.
35 unmanned quadrocopters are the protagonists of the open-air performance of MURMURATION, which will open the first SHIFT on the 21st of October, 2016. The UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), also known as quadrocopters, are dancing like a swarm of bright lights, scattered across the sky as if by magic, drawing the audience into an artistic universe which excites all senses. In a composition by Christian Steinhäuser and Boris Blenn, written specifically for this performance, digital sounds correlate with the fictitious and real swarming movements in the production. Local dancers, live musicians from Germany, traditional Bamboo and Silk musicians as well as a children’s choir (Little Star Choir) from Jiading perform below the stunning formation in the sky and interact with the quadrocopters of CollMot. Accompanied by impressive interactive video art and accrued by the interplay of music, high-tech and performance, a multimedia sculpture rises up into the night sky: an ever-shifting, tinkling air architecture, which penetrates the conflicting and instinctive swarming behavior of the modern individual on an artistic and metaphysical level.
Theatre with Puppet and Cinema Nufonia Must Fall 
by Nufonia Live from Quebec of Canada, Asia Premiere
Time: Oct.22,23,27,28, 2016
Venue: Jiading Cultural Center Show Stage (Oct.22,23)
Shanghai Theatre Academy Theater (Oct.27,28)
A paper puppet with simultaneously projected live interactive cinema theatre about human and robot romance. An event produced by Creators Project, an Intel and Vice Magazine, co-commissioned by seven leading arts festivals and theaters of all the world including Next Wave of BAM in New York, Adelaide Festival in Adelaide, Australia, Luminato Festival in Toronto, etc.
“One of my fondest memories from childhood was watching Charlie Chaplin films. I remember my whole family, kids, parents AND grandparents, huddled around the screen smiling and laughing along as the story unfolded. Since those days, something about the silent film format has always struck a chord with me. When I was writing Nufonia Must Fall, I always imagined the book being a kind of paperback silent movie. I am so thrilled to be working with director K.K. Barrett, who has had a hand in creating some of my favourite movies and many of the most captivating cinematic visuals in the past 15 years. It has been an amazing experience to see the story literally come to life through this amazing team of set designers, puppeteers and performers. Don’t be fooled by its heavy sounding title, Nufonia Must Fall is just a good old fashioned love story and I hope that audiences will have as much fun watching the show as we have had putting it together!”
–Kid Koala (creator, musical score)
Nufonia Must Fall Live is an artist group represented by CADENZA ARTISTS LLC, 12021 Wilshire Blvd #710, Los Angeles, CA 90025.www.CadenzaArtists.com.
Interactive Play My Name is BAI Xiaofei 
by Chinese young artists with Shanghai Live Dream’s production
Time: Oct. 23, 29 and 30, 2016
Venue: Creative Avenue of Now Factory Creative Park (70 Bole Rd, Jiading District, Shanghai, 201899, China PRC)
Based upon the original story from Tencent’s cartoon Zombie Brother, it has received over four billion hits since its serialized publication. The streetscape interactive drama My Name is BAI Xiaofei uses a gaming system called live-action MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game). The format consists of 40% drama, 30% game and 30% interaction to form a multi-tiered immersive experience. In order to achieve this, the audience is no longer just another passive crowd, but also plays an interactive role which determines the course of the show.
Pioneering the experiments of Chinese original interactive theatre performances, Shanghai Live Dream Culture Development Ltd. Co. (SLDCD) steers the developing path of implementing concepts such as augmented reality, drones, and intelligent robots on and off stage to create a cross-cultural immersive theatre experience, geared towards the young generation in China. The collaborative company aims to present the best of what innovative performing arts could offer: Interactive experience, immersive theatricality, interdisciplinary art-making, advanced technology installation and implementation and live stage performances, all promoting the joy of art and technology.
Concert Shimon Robot and Friends
Musical Robots and Cyborgs from Room 100 by Georgia Institute of Technology from the US, Asia Premiere
Time: Oct.28, 2016
Venue: Jiading Cultural Center Show Stage
Directed by Dr. Gil Weinberg from Georgia Institute of Technology and performed by Weinberg, Mason Bretan and Jason Barnes, Shimon Robot and Friends is an interactive concert performed by robots and human artists and powered by artificial intelligence. Shimon is an improvising robotic musician that creates inspiring musical interactions with humans. Shimon listens to, understands, and collaborates with live human musicians in real time. Shimon uses artificial intelligence and creativity algorithms to push musical experiences to uncharted domains.
As an evening-length show, Shimon Robot and Friends features an ensemble comprised of human musicians collaborating with Shimon robot (improvising on marimba) and Shimi robots that dance to sounds from smart phones. Together they perform original compositions ranging from jazz to hip hop, using artificial intelligence combined with human creativity, emotion, and aesthetic judgement.
Optional video excerpts during live performance, as well as talk-backs and educational workshops offered for all ages give the audience a fascinating behind- the-scenes look into how the robots were created and used in live performance.
Special guests including Jason Barnes, the cyborg drummer and local musicians.
Shimon and Shimi robots were developed by the Georgia Institute of Technology and have been presented in dozens of concerts and festivals from DLD (Munich) to the US Science Festival, Google IO, TED, CNN, The Colbert Report, The Today Show, and most recently The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts (Washington DC) and Robotronica (Australia.)
Closing performance
large-scale installation and immersive theatre The Dreamers (Showcase)
by director LI Jianjun, commissioned and produced by SLDCD
Time: Oct.29, 2016
Venue: Live Dream Interactive Space
The story takes place in the future. In the wake of the unstoppable advancement of our technological achievements, a new program is invented, through which megacitizens have dramatically reduced the amount of their sleep to the minimum, and have replaced sleep with work and entertainment. This restless stage of wakefulness later proved to be destructive to our biological system that Mother Nature has provided. Megacitizens, by implanting OA3 (abstracted from a mutated neurotransmitter) chips in their bodies, in another word, by injecting neurotransmitter chemicals that are in charge of the sleep-wake cycle into their bodies, have gradually become hypnotized and brainwashed. They look like nothing else but the bleary-eyed and muddy-brained zombielike creatures, trapped in-between conscious and unconscious states. The severe side effects of the program lead to the catastrophic and uncontrollable epidemic outbreaks. Facing the devastating situations of a collapsed society, survivors struggle to rescue themselves and others.
While an immersive theatrical space is created and shared among actors and audience members in The Dreamers, maybe it is also the time for us to rethink the complex relationships between nature, humanity, and technology in our fast-paced, ever-changing world.
Director Li Jianjun is an independent theatre director who graduated from the Central Academy of Theatre of China, majoring in stage arts. As a new-generation theatre director, he is the creator of many award-winning plays, such as A Madman’s Diary and Fly into the Sky, to name but a few. He was invited to direct the opening performance of Wuzhen Theatre Festival 2015. Graduated from Central Academy of Theatre and UCLA, playwright Zhuang Jiayun is now teaching in the drama department, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Her past collaborations with Director Li includes A Madman’s Diary and other works including A Beautiful Day.
Tencent- Shanghai Kaixinmahua Culture Media Co. Ltd. Next Idea Young Artist Competition (Drama)
Time: Oct.29, 2016
Venue: Shanghai Poly Grand Theatre
Tencent company joins Shanghai Kaixinmahua Culture Media Co. Ltd. to host the Next Idea Young Artist Competition (Drama) in order to encourage interest and participation in dramatic arts. The showcase provides a professional stage for theatre talents, encourages groups to innovate and to promote their IP (intellectual property) or creative ideas.
CSIAF Arts & Technology Forum and Demonstration
Virtue vs. Reality: Do We Need VR for Performing Arts?
Time: VR and AR Demonstration, 11:30am-1:30pm, Oct.15
Forum,1:30pm-3:30pm, Oct.15
Venue: Puxi InterContinental hotel in city center of Shanghai
SHIFT’s Theme Forum:
How Can Arts and Technology Bring us a Better Life?
Time: 9:30am-11:30am, Oct.17, 2016.
Venue: Auditorium of Han Tianheng Art Museum in the Now Factory
"When Yesterday Meets Future"
Programming Exchange Session for the 800 anniversary of Jiading’s Establishment  
Time: October 16th
Venue: Now Factory Building D and Live Dream Interactive Space
Brainstorming Workshop for Maker’s marathon: Appliance of Augmented Reality for Performing Arts in China
Time: from 1:30pm of Oct.17 to 7:30pm of Oct.18, 2016.
Venue: Incubation Café of Now Factory Creative Park in Jiading
Entrepreneurial Arts &Tech Venture Capital Investment Guide
Time: October 19th
Venue: Now Factory Building D
UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) and Performing Arts
Time: October 22nd
Venue: Shanghai Auto-Expo Park
Interactive Theatre and Imaging by Nufonia Must Live
Time: October 24th
Venue: Now Factory Building D
AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Performing Arts
Time: October 28th
Venue: Now Factory Building D
Installation and Immersive Theatre by Director LI Jianjun
Time: October 30th
Venue: Live Dream Interactive Space
Public Cultural Events
Demonstration of Drone Flying for Amateurs
Time: 7th October
Venue: Shanghai Hi-shots UAV Training Center
Highlights of Interactive Theatres (Video Presentation)
Time: 8th October
Venue: Now Factory Building D
Public Day of Arts & Technology
Time: 16th October
Venue: Historic Area of Zhou Qiao, Denglong Square
Public Day of Arts & Technology for Science & Technology Talents in Jiading
Time: 17th October
Venue: Now Factory Building D
Amateur’s Salon for Drones
Time: 22nd October
Venue: Shanghai Auto-Expo Park
Nufonia Must Fall Young Students Stage Visit
Time: 23rd October
Venue: Shanghai Jiading Cultural Center Show Stage
Nufonia Must Fall Special Group Stage Visit
Time: 28th October
Venue: Shanghai Theatre Academy Theater
I Love Robot AI (artificial intelligence) Family Day
Time:29th October
Venue: Taipei Hot Shopping Venue
Shanghai Kaixinmahua Culture Media Co. Ltd. Family Theatre Education Day
Time: 29th October
Venue: Now Factory Building D
I Love Robot AI (artificial intelligence) Family Day
Time: 30th October
Venue: JINS Shopping Center
Jiading District Administration of Culture, Radio, Film and TV
Shanghai Live Dream Culture Development Ltd. Co.
Supported by:
Publicity Department of Jiading District
Jiading District Committee of Science and Technology
Jiading Town Sub-District Office
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Contact info:
Shanghai Live Dream Culture Development Ltd. Co.
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