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A Service System Project of Cultural Industry Management supported by The Ministry of Culture
SHIFT Hackathon of Arts & Technology


9:30 a.m.  Oct.24th
Seminar among International Professionals 
Oct. 24th to Oct. 26th Brainstorming and Testing in Groups
1:30 p.m. Oct.26thPresentation and Awarding
Oct.27th Professionals Open Day、Public Open Day

Demonstration Space & Interactive Theater in Now Factory
Creative Application of Virtual Reality Technology (Motion Capture, Immersive Projection, AR, VR, etc.) on Performing Arts
The SHIFT Hackathon of Arts and Technology is the very first research & development workshop in mainland China to have adopted the form of tech-innovation hackathon. It intends to select and cultivate promising individuals or teams dedicated to interactive performing arts and live entertainment industry as well as technology innovation field home and abroad. It aims to incubate and produce within 2 to 3 years original works capable of fusing Chinese stories and sentiments with advanced technology and brand new zeitgeist.
For this year's four-day Hackathon début as a Beta version, we are honored to have invited 3 Legged Dog Arts & Technology Center, the prominent art and technology development organization and platform based in New York, as collaborator to design a soft/hardware platform of mixed realities which will be open for the experiments of Chinese makers interested in theater innovation and virtual reality. The workshop attempts to explore the very possibilities of applying Motion Capture, Mapping and Tracking Immersive Projection, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, etc. into live performance. We are determined to make Hackathon a sustainable event, with increasingly enlarged scale and focused interest on arts and technology integrated innovation, including artificial intelligence, holographic imaging, advanced laser systems, etc.

Guidance Units:
Jiading Municipal Administration of Culture, Radio, Film&TV
Jiading Science and Technology Commission
Shanghai Live Dream Culture Development Co, Ltd.
New York 3 Legged Dog Art&Technology Center
Shanghai Mahua Fun Age Culture Media Co, Ltd.
Support units:
World VR Forum
Shanghai Theatre Academy Laboratory of Digital Performing Arts and Integrated Innovation, Shanghai Theater Academy
Institute for Creative New Media & Performing Arts, Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University
Interactive Media Art Major, New York University, Shanghai
College of Digital Art, Shanghai University
Jiading Incubator
School of Science and Technology, Shandong Technology and Business University
DigiParallel Interactives
Shanghai Dianyin Culture Development Co, Ltd.
Promotional Support:
MANA-New Media Art Platform
Eyann New Media
Jiading Makers Alliance
People Squared(P2)

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